How Does A Vaporizer Work?

how does a vaporizer workA vaporizer is a device used by marijuana smokers which heats up the plant matter to around 365 degrees, just enough so that the THC is extracted from the material and absorbed into the respiratory system. Conventional combustion methods, such as a lighter, heat the plant matter up to above 3,000 degrees, which produces a lot of extra toxins such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, and other harsh byproducts. When using a vaporizer, you are breathing in nearly 100% THC which makes for a healthier, purer substance which can be readily broken down by the body and evenly distributed throughout your circulatory system. Many people have speculated that vaporizers get you higher because you are inhaling pure THC which ends up having a stronger effect on your biochemical machinery. However, there is another school of thought which says that combusting the herb gets you higher because the marijuana high is partially comprised of the other elements which are created when using a direct flame heating method. Regardless of what you believe, it’s obvious that using a vaporizer is the more viable, health conscious option, and one that you should highly consider.

When you use a vaporizer, what it actually is doing is heating up the cannabinoids (the active compounds in marijuana), and boiling them at a precise temperature which releases them from glandular structures called trichomes that are stored within the resin of the substance. You know these types of structures as the sticky, colorful hairs that are very appealing to pot smokers worldwide. These trichomes are boiled at around 338 degrees, releasing the THC and other active compounds into the users respiratory system, providing an amazing experience. Using a vaporizer is also very conservative, as it only takes a little bit of material to provide a long lasting, thorough session.

Vaporizers have many benefits including:

– Little to no smoke

By only heating up the plant matter enough to release the THC, it produces a lot less smoke than traditional combustion methods.

– LIttle to no smell

As a side benefit of having less smoke, there is also less fragrance distributed throughout the air during vaporization

– Healthier Option

We all know the many dangers associated with smoking. Those harmful, long term effects can be avoided by opting to use a vaporizer for your marijuana consumption needs.

There are three major types of vaporizers on the market. The first type is direct heat, also known as glass dome vaporizers. These popular devices utilize a glass bowl which has a heating element on the inside, thus vaporizing the contents and allowing the user to consume the THC from the plant inside. These vaporizers are very popular and are also on the cheaper side, allowing for people on a restricted budget to still enjoy the benefits from using a vaporizer. The main concern with these models are the cheap manufacturing and high maintenance levels associated with these models.

The second type are Indirect heat vaporizers. These devices function by only heating up the plant matter when you are taking a drag, and remaining dormant when you aren’t taking a puff, thus conserving the material and making it last much longer. These devices are ideal because the harder you inhale on the mouth piece, the hotter the heating element gets, thus resulting in more vapor. It puts all of the control into the hands of the end user, which is a highly sought after quality.

The third type of vaporizer that exists today are the fan forced models. This type of vaporizer heats up the plant matter, then uses a fan to blow the vapor into a bag, or balloon, which is then sealed off until the user is ready to inhale. One popular model that you have probably heard of is the volcano vaporizer. The one downside to this method is that you can’t control the vapor density, and you are left using the default density that the device provides to the user. Even though you cannot control the vapor density, this style of vaporizer holds much more vapor than any other model, so take that into consideration as well.

Overall, if you are looking for a healthy, more efficient alternative to classic smoking, then a vaporizer may be for you. There are many online stores where you can purchase vaporizers for sale at huge discounts. Just watch out for fake replicas that you will most certainly run into if you go shopping on ebay or other similar flea market type sites. Make sure you are buying from an authorized dealer, and ask the customer service department from the web site that you are buying from if these are genuine products. One site that I have found that sells 100% authentic vaporizers for sale is  They have a wide selection of portable vaporizers for your consuming pleasure and also have great customer service and offer a free grinder with every order.

Well, that about sums up this article.  Thank You for reading and good luck with your vaping!


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